Test Your Health Esteem

Is your health-esteem as strong as it could be? Take this quick quiz to find out—plus get some easy tips for managing your health with confidence.

Question 1

I have the basic necessities—food, housing utilities and access to transportation—to take care of my health.

Question 2

I am caring for a loved one, and I feel in control and adequately supported as a caregiver.

Question 3

I have health insurance—and I know how to access the services I need.

Question 4

If someone I love or I am dealing with addiction or mental health issues, I know when and where to get help.

Question 5

I have a good plan for eating healthy and exercising regularly—and I stick to it.

Question 6

I understand and can afford all the medications I’m currently taking.

Question 7

I understand how my risk factors, such as family history, diet/exercise and lifestyle habits such as smoking/not smoking may impact my health.

Question 8

I understand how to care for and stay in control of my chronic health condition (such as diabetes, congestive heart failure or COPD).

Question 9

I have the right specialists overseeing my health issues. (For example, a cardiologist for heart health issues and an OB/GYN for women’s health issues.)

Question 10

I have a primary care doctor or provider whom I see at least once a year.

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