Medical Misconception: Vision Myths

Each month we set the facts straight regarding a popular health and wellness myth.

This month’s misconception: Activities that damage your eyesight

Chances are you have heard one of many myths about hurting one’s eyesight through the years. In honor of Healthy Vision Month, we are debunking three common vision myths.

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Dirty Dozen™ and Clean Fifteen™

More and more Americans are demanding food free of synthetic chemicals and pesticides. The availability of organic foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, has increased significantly over the past decade, helping to drive down cost as more farms choose to grow organic due to demand.

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Summer Succotash Salad

This recipe makes perfect use of fresh locally grown corn and squash. It is packed with nutrition and flavor! To save time use canned butter beans or baby lima beans, drain and rinsed before use. Edamame work well in this recipe also!

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