Medical Misconception: Shaving

Each month we set the facts straight regarding a popular health and wellness myth.

This month’s myth: Shaving makes hair grow back faster and thicker.

Many of us have heard that shaving causes our hair to grow back more quickly, and the hair that returns is darker and thicker than before. But no matter how much anecdotal evidence we have, this ongoing belief is just a myth.

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Depression After Surgery

Often, when patients are told they require surgery, they prepare by considering what needs to happen for their physical needs and recovery. They plan who will help them, they take time off from work, and they determine insurance coverage, household matters and physical needs of recovery. Most do not consider the impact the surgery could have on their mental health.

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Carroll Hospital Health Chat: Clinical Interview Day

On this week’s Carroll Hospital Health Chat, Angela Bachtel, senior talent acquisition consultant, discusses the upcoming Clinical Interview Day on August 27 during a radio interview on WTTR.



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