Crispy Honey Orange Glazed Salmon

Who knew that pricey glazed salmon dish you order in restaurants was so easy to make at home? With just a handful of ingredients, this delicious salmon is ready in minutes. Prepare with low sodium soy sauce and use olive oil to decrease the saturated fat content. Serve with brown rice and a green vegetable for a healthy and well-balanced meal. Read More

Carroll Hospital Auxiliary Celebrates 60 Years

The Carroll Hospital Auxiliary is celebrating 60 years of service this month! Ever wonder how the Auxiliary got started? The hospital’s 50th anniversary book, published in 2011, provides a bit of insight:

In the summer of 1958, fresh off the successful campaign to raise money for the county’s first hospital, Gladys M. Wimert sat behind the wheel of her little yellow Opel, going from Hanover to Westminster, when she had an idea.

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Shrimp Tacos

Eating more fish and seafood fits into a healthy meal plan, and you can spice it up with these shrimp tacos! These easy-to-make tacos rival any shrimp tacos from the best restaurants at a fraction of the cost. The mango adds great flavor in addition to Vitamin A, Vitamin C and antioxidants. Along with the black beans, mangoes are also a great source of fiber.

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Fish & Seafood

Fish and seafood are nutritious, high quality proteins. The American Heart Association recommends eating at least two 3 ½-ounce servings of fish a week as part of a heart-healthy diet. Emphasis has been made on increasing the consumption of “fatty fish,” including salmon, mackerel, lake trout and albacore tuna. Read More

Crispy Fish with Lemon-Dill Sauce

Who doesn’t love a good fish fry? Unfortunately, the grease and fat takes away from the health benefits of eating fish. This breaded fish recipe is a great substitution for deep fried fish and will leave you satisfied without all the extra fat and calories! It can be cooked under the broiler, or you can coat the baking sheet with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and bake at 400 degrees until done. This recipe works well with any flaky fish. You can also add a splash of cayenne powder or Old Bay for a little kick!

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