White Bean Pizza Dip

Tomato season is coming in, and many are looking for new creative ways to use tomatoes. This bean dip is high in fiber and protein but still gives the cheesy satisfaction of pizza. This recipe would also make a great topping for grilled or baked chicken or shrimp. Pair with a fresh salad, and you have a delicious and healthy summer meal the whole family will love. 

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Mason Jar Soup

Meal prep can get boring — chicken with brown rice and broccoli, or some leftover dinner— same old, same old. This meal prep idea is fresh and unique and provides a healthy alternative to a classic meal you might remember from your college days: Cup o’ Noodles! … except this version is packed with nutrition.

This recipe leaves room for you to get creative with your veggies; you can really add anything you want. Have you heard the phrase “eat the rainbow” before? Every color in our veggies correlates to a different set of nutrients, and if we “eat the rainbow,” we get in a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to optimize our health. I encourage you to try some new colored veggies when you make this mason jar noodle soup. Top it off with a soft-boiled egg to make this meal prep extra satisfying.

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Cucumber Sorbet

Vegetables for dessert?! It’s not as unusual as it sounds. It’s likely you’ve had carrot cake or zucchini bread before. Finding unique ways to prepare vegetables is vital for maintaining interest in what we eat. When relying on the same few recipes, it’s not uncommon to get bored, and then those veggies fall out of favor.

Many desserts include nutrient-rich vegetables such as black bean brownies, chocolate beet cake, sweet potato pie, pumpkin muffins or a rhubarb tart. You may notice that most of these desserts are baked goods, making this cucumber sorbet recipe stand out. It’s cool and refreshing, a perfect way to end a hot summer day — and a way to get a little extra veg in before going to bed. Try making it with a handful of fresh mint too! 

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Lemony White Bean Salad

Arugula is a wonderful and flavorful addition to many dishes. It can be used as a topping from everything, from sandwiches to pizza! Or you can enjoy it on its own as a salad like in this recipe. Its lovely black peppery flavor comes from a chemical compound called glucosinolates. Research has found that these compounds, commonly found in plants from the Brassicaceae family (arugula, cabbage, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts) may have protective qualities for our heart and brain health.  

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