Pineapple Mint Popsicles

If you are looking for an easy and refreshing dessert to help you cool off this summer, check out these pineapple popsicles! These are great for you and the kiddos!


1 pound frozen pineapple chunks, defrosted completely in the refrigerator
1 tablespoon lightly packed fresh mint leaves, to taste

In a blender, combine the thawed pineapple and mint. Blend until completely smooth. Taste, and add a few more mint leaves if you’d prefer more minty flavor. Blend again.
Pour the mixture into your popsicle molds, insert popsicle sticks. Freeze until frozen solid. Makes five servings. 

Nutrition Facts per one 3.2-ounce popsicle: 

Calories: 45; Total Fat 0.1g; Saturated Fat 0g;Trans Fat 0g; Polyunsaturated Fat 0g; Monounsaturated Fat 0g; Cholesterol 0mg; Sodium 1mg; Total Carbohydrate 11.9g; Dietary Fiber 1.3g; Sugars 8.9g; Protein 0.5g

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