Greek-Style Shrimp Salad

This Greek-inspired salad features shrimp as the lean protein. Grilling the shrimp is quick and easy and can be done on a stove top grill during colder months; the shrimp even can be cooked ahead of time. It’s light and refreshing, and it’s a great option for a meal salad when you want a change from the traditional dressing-laden Caesar salad.

1 pound raw shrimp (26 to 30 count), peeled
Olive oil to taste
Salt and pepper to taste
Sugar to taste
2 medium tomatoes, cut into medium dice
1/2 cup crumbled feta cheese
1/2 cup pitted and coarsely chopped Kalamata or other black olives
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1/4 cup olive oil
4 teaspoons red wine vinegar
1 (10 ounce) package factory-washed baby spinach leaves

Thread shrimp onto metal skewers (or bamboo ones that have been soaked in water for 15 minutes). Brush both sides with oil and season with salt, pepper and a light sprinkling of sugar.

Heat gas grill, with all burners on high, until fully preheated, 10 to 15 minutes. Use a wire brush to clean grill rack, then brush lightly with oil. Close lid and allow to return to temperature. Grill shrimp until fully cooked and spotty brown, about 2 minutes per side.

Meanwhile, mix in a medium bowl the tomatoes, cheese, olives, oregano, 2 Tbs. of the olive oil and 2 tsps. of the vinegar. Unthread shrimp and add to bowl. Lightly toss ingredients to coat. Set aside. (Can be made an hour or so ahead.)

When ready to serve, drizzle remaining oil, as well as a generous sprinkling of salt and pepper, over spinach in a large bowl. Toss to coat. Add remaining 2 tsps. vinegar; toss again. Divide spinach among 4 large plates. Top with a portion of the shrimp mixture. Makes 4 servings.

Nutrition information per serving: calories 295, protein 21 g, carbohydrate 8 g, dietary fiber 3 g, total sugars 3 g, total fat 21 g, saturated fat 5 g, monounsaturated fat 12 g, polyunsaturated fat 2 g

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