Mushroom Polenta Porridge

Polenta makes a great savory breakfast base. Top with any sauteed veggies you’d like, a sprinkle of cheese and runny egg or maybe fresh, juicy slice of tomato. Polenta is simply a type of cornmeal you can make into a porridge, like in this recipe, or it can be made thick so that you can slice it and pan fry or grill it. You can make the recipe with just polenta (use ¾ cup) but in this version, some of the corn was taken out substituted for flax meal. This lowers the carbs a little bit while adding fiber and more heart-healthy fats. Small, healthy changes like this add up over time! This is a great alternative to oatmeal.

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Mushroom Soup

Eating fungi has a multitude of health benefits. Mushrooms are a great source of fiber and are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Though mushrooms are fungi, and technically not vegetables, we categorize them as such for dietary purposes. When compared to other veggies, mushrooms have some of the highest amount of vitamin D when exposed to UV light. They are also a good source of B vitamins, particularly B2 and B3, and the B12 that is in mushrooms is more bioavailable than the forms in other vegetables. Much research has been done on mushrooms and their potential benefits on healing cancers and neurogenerative diseases, but the research continues and there are no definitive recommendations.

Mushrooms make a tasty addition to any meal. This soup is a Hungarian classic—creamy, bright, savory—and the perfect thing to ease the pre-spring chill.  

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Sauteed Greens with Mushroom Skulls

Sautéing mushrooms so that they are soft and caramelized is an art and takes some practice to not make mushy-shrooms. In this recipe will show you how to make the perfect sauteed mushrooms and tender greens. It makes an excellent side dish, or topping for a creamy risotto, mac and cheese or other pasta dish.  This recipe can be made with any kind of mushroom or a mix of mushrooms! If you’re looking for something fun to celebrate Halloween, use white button or crimini mushrooms to create mushroom skulls. With a paring knife, cut mushrooms in half, carve out eyes, a nose hole and slice the stem to look like teeth.

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