Inside Carroll Hospital: Social Workers

“Social Workers: Leaders. Advocates. Champions.”

Every March is National Professional Social Work Month, an opportunity to recognize social workers and highlight their importance to our community and country as a whole.

Social workers work in a variety of settings, such as schools, child welfare and human service agencies, mental health clinics and hospitals. Their goal is to help people solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives.

Carroll Hospital employs social workers in a variety of departments, including case management, behavioral health services, the Tevis Center for Wellness, Carroll Hospice and the William E. Kahlert Regional Cancer Center.

Social workers not only help patients deal with the emotional issues following a medical diagnosis, but also assist them in overcoming any challenges they may have to access medical care. In collaboration with a patient’s health care team, they assist in developing an effective treatment plan for the patient and are available to counsel the families of patients as well.

In addition, our social workers help patients resolve transportation, financial and medical insurance issues that may hinder them from receiving the care they need by connecting them with the appropriate resources.

Our social workers’ services also extend beyond the walls of the hospital. If a patient requires support services to continue their recovery after being discharged—such as home care, nursing home placement or physical therapy—social workers will work with the patient and their caregiver to ensure they receive the additional care required.

In general, social workers help people of all ages deal with challenges in every stage of life, providing individuals with the information and resources they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

So please take the time this month to thank a social worker for the vital role they play in improving the lives of people in the community.

Pictured above: Carroll Hospital social workers Terri Wise, Amanda Summer, Bethany Rasche, Melissa Delbusso, Amanda Easter and Penny Hutsell.

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