Inside Carroll Hospital: CrimeCam

Carroll Hospital’s Forensic Nurse Examiner program is enhancing its efforts to identify injuries of victims of domestic violence through the use of new technology.

The CrimeCam, from Arrowhead Forensics, allows our forensic nurses to take photographs of a domestic violence victim’s injuries that may not be visible to the naked eye in addition to documenting those injuries that are visible.

While the technology is useful in other types of cases, it is presently being used when a strangulation patient comes to the Emergency Department within five days (120 hours) of the assault and a law enforcement officer or prosecutor advises hospital personnel that he or she would like a forensic exam. The equipment improves case investigation and documentation and helps in the prosecution of strangulation-related domestic violence cases.

“Since acquiring the CrimeCam, we have used it in nine non-fatal strangulation cases,” said Tracy Yingling, a forensic nurse examiner and coordinator of the program. “In five of the cases, we were able to identify areas of apparent injury where there were no visible signs, and in all cases were better able to document the patients’ injuries.”

This technology was made possible through a generous donation by Robert and Eloise McDowell of Westminster.

Learn more about the Forensic Nurse Examiner program by calling 410-871-6655.

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