Holiday Grief

For many who have recently lost a loved one, the thought of the upcoming holiday season is a lot to bear. Remembering past celebrations with your loved one can bring you both happiness and pain, and thinking about what the holidays would have been like if your loved one were here can also be difficult.

This holiday season:

• Do what makes you feel comfortable—whether it’s continuing the holiday
traditions from years past or starting new ones.

• Don’t isolate yourself; having a close friend visit you may be helpful.

• Be honest about your feelings. Letting others know what you need is important.

• Take the time to remember your loved one in ways that feel right to you.

• Spend the holidays with people with whom you can share your feelings and
who support you.

• Lean on your faith and strengths during this difficult time.

There’s no perfect plan for those grieving during the holidays, as grief is so unique for each of us, but there are ways to make it feel less painful. Sometimes the anxiety building up to the holidays is much worse than the actual holiday itself. No matter what, make sure you do whatever brings you comfort.

Jessica Roschen is a bereavement counselor at Carroll Hospice. For more information about bereavement services, call 410-871-8000.

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