Fruits and Vegetables Quiz

How well do you know your fruits and vegetables? Take our true-or-false quiz to find out!

Vegetables are organized into five subgroups based only on their color.

False. Vegetables are based into five subgroups, but those groups are determined by the vegetables’ nutrition content. The subgroups are: dark green vegetables, starchy vegetables, red and orange vegetables, beans and peas, and other vegetables.


The amount of fruits and vegetables you need to eat in a day is based on your age, gender and level of physical activity.

True. The totals below are based on an individual who gets less than 30 minutes of moderate activity per day.

Women ages 19 to 50: 2 ½ cups/day
Women ages 51 and older: 2 cups/day
Men ages 19 to 50: 3 cups/day
Men ages 51 and older: 2 ½ cups/day

Women ages 19 to 30: 2 cups/day
Women ages 31 and older: 1 ½ cups/day
Men ages 19 to 50: 2 cups/day
Men ages 51 and older: 2 cups/day


During a meal, half of your plate should consist of fruits and vegetables.

True. Make healthy choices from all five of the food groups: fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy and grains. Visit to get a visual of the servings needed in each meal.


Only fresh fruit counts as a serving of fruit in a day.

False. Any fruit or 100 percent fruit juice counts as a serving, whether it’s fresh, frozen, canned or dried. Pureed fruit also counts, too.


Dietary fiber from fruits and vegetables, as part of a healthy diet, helps reduce cholesterol and could lower the risk of heart disease.

True. In addition to those benefits, fiber is important for proper bowel function and helps reduce constipation and diverticulosis. It also helps you to feel more full.

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