Working at Carroll Hospital: Julie Lubman, R.N.

Registered nurse Julie Lubman has worked at Carroll Hospital for a decade. “I love working here because of the friendly and welcoming atmosphere,” she says. “The people that I work with are amazing, and I consider them to be my work family. I haven’t found this exceptional level of teamwork and camaraderie at any other hospital that I have worked at previously.”

Julie also appreciates her managers’ support of her pursuit of higher education and the tuition reimbursement that the hospital offers. “I am almost finished working on my [Bachelor of Science in Nursing] degree,” she says, “and I couldn’t have afforded it without this wonderful benefit offered by the hospital.”

For those who are just starting their careers at the hospital, Julie has this advice: “Embrace the friendly and warm atmosphere offered here at the hospital and continue that atmosphere by being friendly and welcoming to others, both patients and staff,” she says. “Take advantage of the many wonderful benefits offered here. For new nurses who have not yet completed a bachelor’s degree, I would strongly recommend that they further their education and obtain a higher degree, since there is tuition reimbursement.”

Interested in a clinical career at Carroll Hospital? Learn more about our Clinical Interview Day taking place on Friday, November 2.

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