Three Decades of Comfort & Caring

Thirty years ago, a core group of individuals passionate about hospice care connected to create what would ultimately become Carroll Hospice. In this season of giving thanks, and in celebration of three decades of providing end-of-life care, we reflect on three things that have made us successful through the years:

Our staff. It’s simple — our staff love the work they do. They are dedicated to ensuring that hospice patients and their families get the comfort and care they need in this phase of their life journey. Carroll Hospice has consistently exceeded all regional benchmarks and met or exceeded all national benchmarks in FY16 for hospice care.

Our volunteers. The commitment of Carroll Hospice volunteers has been constant throughout our history. Today, Carroll Hospice has nearly 300 volunteers who help to support our mission. Whether working directly with patients and families, providing administrative and fundraising support, or serving on our all-volunteer Board of Trustees, our volunteers’ contributions are invaluable.

Support from the community. Without the community’s support, it would be impossible to provide the quality care and resources that we offer to all patients, regardless of their ability to pay. We are thankful for the consistent support our community affords us, whether it’s purchasing items on our wish list, attending events or donating to our organization. We couldn’t do it without you.


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