The Family Birthplace Expansion

The Family Birthplace is growing! Daniel Kirsch, M.D., chief of OB/GYN at Carroll Hospital, shares the latest on the unit’s renovation and expansion.

How will the care in The Family Birthplace change when the renovation and expansion is complete?
When complete, The Family Birthplace will house our new Neonatal Couplet Care program. This program is designed to keep babies who are born prematurely or who require specialized care together with their mothers for as long as the baby is hospitalized. This model of care delivers numerous benefits, including decreased length of stays, faster recovery for the infant and stronger family bonds. The unit will consist of all new, beautifully appointed patient rooms, a family room for parents staying with their newborns and new operating suites. View the latest images of the construction project.

Daniel Kirsch, M.D., chief of OB/GYN

Who is involved in providing care in The Family Birthplace?
In addition to a patient’s own obstetrician, we have 24-hour hospitalist coverage. These providers are available to respond to all needs and help with any emergent obstetric situations. We also have a pediatric hospitalist group here 24/7 to respond to emergencies involving newborns and to care for all of our newborn babies. Our lactation consultants are available for support, and all of our nurses are trained and able to assist patients with lactation needs or concerns.

We have a well-versed and knowledgeable labor and delivery staff who are proficient on all standards in obstetrics and fetal monitoring. We have high-risk specialty nurses to care for the newborns who are born prematurely and might need some assistance. Our team also consists of a social worker and an OB navigator. The navigator is in contact with many of the patients before they give birth to ensure they have their needs met in order to support the new family. The social worker helps with all of this when the patient is admitted and coordinates the care with the nurses and doctors.

What are some ways for expectant parents to learn about our hospital and caring for their newborn?
Carroll Hospital has a multitude of classes each month to assist expectant parents, including a breastfeeding class and support group, Baby Basics, a childbirth class, Safe Start (child safety) and What to Expect during Your Hospital Stay. The Carroll Hospital website also has extensive information about The Family Birthplace, breastfeeding and newborn care.

For more information about The Family Birthplace or the Childbirth Education classes offered, call 410-871-7000 or view our prenatal education page.  

From the Spring 2018 issue of A Healthy Dose, Carroll Hospital’s community magazine 

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