Have an Anti-Inflammatory Holiday

After Cancer articles address topics for those in survivorship. This month, dietitian Mindy Athas shares ways to lower inflammation and improve the immune system through nutrition for general good health.

Inflammation is linked with healing when it’s short term or acute, like with a skin cut, but chronic or long-term inflammation can wreak havoc on your immune system, making you vulnerable to illness and disease.

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After Cancer: Limiting Chemical Exposures

After Cancer posts address unique topics for those in cancer survivorship. This month, certified oncology dietitian Mindy Athas writes about carcinogens and reducing your risk. 

Chemical Nation

Chemicals are everywhere, but not all pose a health risk. Most concerning are those in food, grooming and cleaning products, packaging, prescription drugs, household and lawn care products. Factors that increase cancer risk include smoking, heavy alcohol consumption, on-the-job exposure to certain chemicals, radiation and sun exposure, and some viruses and bacteria. Read More