Occupational Therapy Month

Following an injury, surgery or illness, people often need assistance from a trained professional to help them improve the physical or cognitive skills needed to perform daily activities, such as eating, dressing, school activities and work.

This is the vital role occupational therapists play in patient care and why they are being recognized in April for Occupational Therapy Month.

The goal of occupational therapy is to increase people’s independence or ability to function based on the particular limitation they are facing. Occupational therapists will identify a person’s limitations or areas needing assistance and then help him or her perform activities or adapt a task or environment to make it possible. The activities can be related to anything from self-care, work, school, leisure or fun.

Occupational therapists work in a variety of settings, including daycare centers, skilled nursing facilities, school systems, workplaces and hospitals.

Carroll Hospital employs six occupational therapists who work with patients of all ages. Using an individualized therapeutic plan, they help patients improve their upper body strength, coordination, balance/mobility and the activities of daily living following an injury, surgery or illness.

Carroll Hospital’s occupational therapists offer services for various conditions such as brain injury, cancer-related conditions, developmental delays and disorders, heart disease, stroke and post-surgical conditions. They also provide adaptive equipment training and dementia caregiver training.

Occupational therapists are essential to helping people regain their independence, confidence and ability to live fulfilling lives. This month, take some time to thank an occupational therapist for their valuable work.

Learn more about the variety of rehabilitative services available at Carroll Hospital.

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