Let’s Talk Kitchen Knives

Good quality knives are some of the most important tools to have in your kitchen, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned cook.

Good knives are essential for quality cuts as well as to prevent injuring yourself. When a dull knife is used, more pressure must be applied, and it could lead to slipping and slicing a finger. Buying a nice set of kitchen knives does not have to break the bank, and the set will last for years if its taken care of properly.

Here are some knives to consider:

The Chef’s Knife

This knife is the largest and most important to have in your collection. Usually six to 10 inches in length, this knife has a wide base that often tapers to a point. The chef’s knife is used for slicing, dicing, mincing and chopping, but it can be used for almost anything.

The Paring Knife

This knife looks like a very small chef’s knife with a blade that is about two to four inches in length. It’s used for peeling, coring or slicing smaller foods.

The Serrated Knife

This knife is often used for foods that have a different texture on the outside than on the inside such as tomatoes, bread or meats. You can find these knives in all different sizes and shapes. If you will use it more for slicing bread, buy a longer, thinner variety.

German and Japanese knives are known to be very well made and durable. Look for knives that are made from carbon or stainless steel and forged so that the steel runs all the way through the handle of the knife. They should feel well-balanced and sturdy in your hand. Washing by hand instead of the dishwasher will be best for the knife, and make sure you sharpen the blade often.

Along with knives, make sure you have an appropriate cutting board. Wooden or bamboo cutting boards are going to be best for the blade of your knife.

Now get in the kitchen and get cooking!

Bridgette Bostic, R.D.N., is the community nutrition educator in the Tevis Center for Wellness.

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