Garrett Hoover: New Critical Care Unit Opens

During the end of March, we moved our first patients to our newly constructed critical care unit.

When I recently toured the space, I was so impressed with the level of thought and planning involved in the area where we care for our sickest patients.

Nursing staff provided input for the layout of the patient rooms, and the placement of the medical equipment was arranged to make it easier to care for patients. New technology in the room includes a movable boom where all the support equipment (such as medical gases and power) is located so that the patient may be moved around the room as needed.

Alcoves outside of each room allow the nursing staff to be able to continuously monitor their patients’ vital signs, while a central monitor at each alcove provides the ability to monitor the vital signs of all the patients on the unit.

Each of the 12 new patient rooms is about two-and-a-half times the size of the rooms in the former unit, and all include a private bathroom. In our old unit, family members had to leave when care was being given, as there simply wasn’t enough space. These enlarged rooms enable families to stay and be involved in their loved ones’ care.

This construction project and the others taking place on our campus are all part of our commitment to deliver exceptional care outlined in our Vision 2020 plan. The other exciting projects include the recent completion of our Clinical Decision Unit, the relocation of our diagnostic imaging department, expansion of Dove House, renovation of Periop and PACU rooms, and the construction of Atlee Hill Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center at the corner of Washington Road and Stoner Avenue.

We are committed to providing quality care for our community. We are here for you, whenever you need us.

Garrett W. Hoover is the president and chief operating officer of Carroll Hospital.

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