Farmers Market Spotlight: The Grill Family from Faithful Friends Farm

This week’s Carroll Hospital Farmers Market Spotlight features the Grill family from Faithful Friends Farm in Upperco. Although the Grill family is new to our farmers market, the unique products they bring to our market every week have sparked an interest in the community.

Farm owners Robert and Connie Grill specialize in fresh, pastured poultry products, including quail, chicken, duck, rabbit, chicken eggs, duck eggs and quail eggs; all are genetically modified organisms (GMO) free. You can even pre-order your GMO-free Thanksgiving turkey from the Grills at our next market. “We just got about 30 baby turkeys that we’re raising and taking care of on our farm,” Robert shares. “Anyone can sign up and order one today.”

The couple owns and runs Faithful Friends Farm with the help of their three children. “Our daughter, Abigail, does a great job with helping us with the farm,” Connie says. “She loves to feed and pet the rabbits.” Even baby Caleb, their youngest, gets a taste of the farming life by joining his family at Carroll Hospital’s farmers market every Thursday. Born at our Family Birthplace a little more than a year ago, Caleb celebrated his first birthday at our farmers market last month with a smile on his face!

Robert and Connie established their family-run farm after Robert was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2010. “After the diagnosis,” he says, “I had to quit the job I had at the time.” Robert admits that he still struggles with working with MS today. “Even though I help Connie with the farm when I can, there are still a lot of days when I don’t feel well enough to help,” says Robert.

One day their family chickens were producing too many eggs and Robert suggested to Connie that they put up a sign on their front lawn informing their neighbors that they had more fresh eggs than they could eat. “The sign worked, and we got a lot of interest from the community. After that, we decided to make a business out of our family farm,” he says.

“Happy chickens make delicious eggs” is the motto at Faithful Friends Farm. Robert and Connie practice what they preach and, as a result, their eggs are their biggest seller. The Grill family truly believes that it’s the way they raise and process their poultry that makes a huge difference in the quality of their products. “All of our animals are raised with healthy lifestyles and experience stress-free lives,” Connie explains. “Because of that, our poultry is healthier, the meat is fresher and the eggs taste better.” Connie and Robert are very transparent about their business and encourage customers to visit their farm and see firsthand how their animals are raised.

This Thursday, stop by Carroll Hospital’s Farmers Market from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. to meet Robert, Connie and the rest of the Grill family. Also, check out their Facebook page and Instagram account if you’re interested in supporting or visiting Faithful Friends Farm.

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