Building on a Legacy of the Highest Quality Care

Ask anyone in the Carroll Hospital community, and they’ll tell you that the heart of the hospital is its people and their promise of providing the highest quality care with warmth and compassion.

“Our level of care and commitment is a strong fabric that our community is so proud of,” shares Garrett Hoover, president and chief operating officer of Carroll Hospital. “There’s a great level of respect and appreciation for those who have helped us continue to grow.”

And with a reputation that continues to flourish, Carroll Hospital’s campus has also evolved to meet the community’s needs. “Our Vision 2020 strategic plan has been a step-by-step blueprint for expansion that has helped us stay ahead of the curve regarding how we deliver care,” explains Stephanie Reid, R.N., chief nursing officer of Carroll Hospital. “It’s given us the physical spaces and equipment needed in order to offer the best options to our patients.”

The seven-year plan is now coming to a close with the completion of four major projects: a modernized Critical Care Unit, a dedicated Clinical Decision Unit, a relocated cafeteria and the brand-new Atlee Hill Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. “This is an exciting new chapter for the hospital,” shares Reid. “These projects are going to make an incredible difference, and the community will see how dedicated we are to ensuring their well-being.”

Despite COVID-19, all of the construction plans are on target, with the first completed project being the renovated Overlook Café. The cafeteria was brought to the first floor, with a welcoming location right off of the lobby, and was completely redesigned—menu, aesthetics, layout and all—with the support of Metz Culinary.

“We were able to hold a small, socially distanced and virtual event in November to celebrate the café’s opening,” states Hoover. “We are so excited for the community to experience this wonderful service and Metz Culinary’s exceptional work.”

The newly constructed Critical Care Unit (CCU) opened this week, and the Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) is slated to open in early April. The 12-bed CCU consists of patient rooms that are more than double the size of the original layout, featuring private bathrooms and updated technology—creating an improved space that accommodates the wide range of equipment and staff needed to treat critically ill patients.

Formerly known as the Observation Unit, an enhanced 22-bed CDU will be adjacent to the Emergency Department, making the monitoring of those who are not admitted as inpatients more efficient for medical staff, and granting those individuals a more private experience.

Lastly, with a projected completion date in the fall of this year, Carroll Hospital will be increasing its continuum of care with its first-ever long-term care facility, Atlee Hill Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. The 60-bed facility will offer community members recovering from illness or surgery a comprehensive range of services such as physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapy, as well as coordinated access to the hospital’s providers and specialized services.

“We value the unique bond that we share with our community,” says Hoover. “It’s an honor to see this vision become a reality because we know it will help us make a greater impact on our patients and their families at every stage of life.”

From the Winter 2021 issue of A Healthy Dose, Carroll Hospital’s community magazine.

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