Become ‘Stroke Smart’ and Save a Life

Did you know? Carroll County is one of the two Stroke Smart counties in Maryland.  County leaders encourage everyone who lives and works in Carroll County to become Stroke Smart and learn how to Spot a Stroke, Stop a Stroke and Save a Life.

A stroke is a medical emergency, and 911 needs to be called as soon as you recognize the signs of a stroke.

You can remember the signs of a stroke through the phrase B.E. F.A.S.T.

Balance: Sudden onset of dizziness or feeling off balance, loss of coordination

Eyes: Sudden onset of double vision or any loss of vision

Face: Drooping on one side of the face

Arms: Numbness, weakness, or paralysis of an arm or a leg

Speech: Any slurred speech or difficulty speaking


Treatments are available to help prevent death and severe long-term disabilities from a stroke. Unfortunately, most people don’t seek immediate medical treatment, and, by the time they arrive to the hospital, they are already outside of the window of treatment time.

Become Stroke Smart by learning how to recognize a stroke and the importance of calling 911 immediately, then become a Stroke Champion by sharing your stroke knowledge with others in our community.


Pictured above: Artwork on windows in Carroll Hospital’s East Pavilion share important information about stroke.

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