Healthy Choices for the Holiday Season

When the cold weather comes whooshing in, suddenly there are endless cookies, cakes, candies and mouth-watering traditional foods in abundance all around us. Sometimes it can be difficult to make healthy choices or stick to a plan.

Here are four tips to help guide you through this holiday season:
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Mindful Eating Through the Holidays

In a normal year, stress, depression and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to weight gain. Unfortunately, this year’s events may make it more difficult to maintain health. During the holidays, high caloric foods and drinks are readily available, so how can we be mindful of our intake to prevent weight gain?

Here are five ways to stay focused:

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Keeping the Pounds Off During the Holidays

In general, Americans tend to gain weight between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Why not start implementing some basic lifestyle changes now, not only to prevent unwanted weight gain, but to potentially lose weight! There’s no need to wait until after New Year’s to make that resolution. You can approach healthy holiday eating from three perspectives: before, during and after your meal.

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