Shopping for a Cause

The Beasman Boutique has the same stylish clothes and jewelry, the same unique gift items and the same friendly volunteers as its sister stores on the Carroll Hospital campus.

But in many ways the newest addition to the Candy Striper Gift Shops is different. Located about 15 miles south of the hospital campus, the boutique is the first to be situated offsite—at Integrace Fairhaven in Sykesville.

Nestled inside the Beasman Center on the continuing care retirement community’s campus, the shop is stocked by the Carroll Hospital Auxiliary and run by volunteers, including a mix of Fairhaven residents and Auxiliary members.

“We are so excited to be a part of the Sykesville community,” says Barb Gunther, president of the Carroll Hospital Auxiliary.

This unique partnership came about when Fairhaven wanted to expand and update its existing gift shop and reached out to Carroll Hospital because of its success in running the Candy Striper operations.

“I am so pleased about this wonderful partnership that will enhance our community life, and we’re thrilled to invite the local community to come and visit our new boutique,” says Rob Hays, executive director of Integrace Fairhaven. “Many thanks to the Carroll Hospital team for their extraordinary work on this project.”

The Beasman Boutique is open to the entire community, not just Fairhaven residents. Gunther says it gives the Auxiliary the opportunity to showcase the exceptional merchandise the Candy Striper Gift Shops are known for and helps to raise funds for the hospital’s services and programs.

Each year, the proceeds from the gift shops, including the Beasman Boutique, help to purchase state-of-the-art equipment, like the new vascular lab, and create patient assistance funds.


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