ReVital Program Provides Specialized Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer is tough on your body and mind. But there is hope. Cancer rehabilitation can help you regain your health and well-being by addressing physical and cognitive issues.

Carroll Hospital has partnered with LifeBridge Physical Therapy in collaboration with NovaCare to provide specialized cancer rehabilitation called the ReVital program.

The first nationwide program of its kind, ReVital is dedicated to supporting cancer survivors in restoring strength, stamina, physical function and mobility. Our therapists undergo extensive training in oncology rehabilitation because our goal is to help you do more than just survive cancer—we want to help you thrive.

Whether it’s playing with your grandchildren, tending to your garden, staying in the workforce or living independently, we understand that your goals matter. And we are committed to helping you achieve them.

From balance and coordination to memory and brain fog, our specially trained therapists at ReVital can assist with a wide range of issues that cancer and its treatments may cause. Our comprehensive rehabilitation approach addresses everything from pain and fatigue to emotional well-being and sexual dysfunction.

Rehabilitation doesn’t stop when cancer treatment ends. In fact, it can be instrumental in managing long-term or late-onset side effects that may arise years later. If cancer is interfering with your recovery or daily activities such as sleeping, eating or walking, consider discussing cancer rehabilitation with your doctor.

Breast cancer rehabilitation is often overlooked, but it plays a vital role in helping regain strength throughout the healing process. Our experienced team of ReVital therapists can help address the side effects specific to breast cancer treatment. With specialty training, extensive education and experience, ReVital therapists are able to help you manage and overcome the challenges you may face.

Your rehabilitation treatment plan will be tailored to your needs and goals and may involve:

  • Exercise and fitness programs
  • Lymphedema (swelling) management services
  • Pain management

Take control of your recovery and return to what matters most with the help of the LifeBridge Health Physical Therapy in collaboration with NovaCare.  Call 410-526-3030 for more information.


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