Medical Misconception: Midwifery

Each month we set the facts straight regarding a popular health and wellness myth.

Using a certified nurse midwife for obstetric care is becoming more and more commonplace today, but many myths surround the care they provide. Here are three common myths surrounding midwifery:

Myth 1: In order to use a nurse midwife you have to give birth at home, and you won’t be able to receive an epidural.

“Some people think of midwifery as a home birth or anti-epidural approach, but that is not true,” says Eileen Garavente, M.D., medical director of women’s services for Carroll Health Group. “Certified nurse midwives are evidence-based practitioners who have a very holistic yet scientific basis for educating women on how to have the pregnancy and delivery experience they’ve always wanted.”

Myth 2: Nurse midwives only deliver babies.

Carroll Health Group’s certified nurse midwives do deliver babies — and they are great at supporting women so that they have the individualized birthing experience they choose. But they also provide routine gynecologic care, such as performing breast and pelvic well-woman exams, helping with family planning, menopause management and more.

Myth 3: Nurse midwives don’t have a lot of training.

When it comes to midwifery, there are various levels of training. The midwives at Carroll Health Group OB/GYN are all certified nurse midwives, which means they are advance-practice registered nurses who specialize in low-risk pregnancy and deliveries. “All our providers deliver the same superior quality of evidence-based care,” says Dr. Garavente.

At Carroll Hospital, the team of obstetricians, certified nurse midwives and nurses work side-by-side to provide specialized care tailored for mother and baby, and specialists are always available if unexpected issues arise.

Learn more about Carroll Health Group’s certified nurse midwives and other providers.

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