Mindful Eating for the Holidays

Even for those who practice mindful eating, the holidays present some additional challenges. Typically, during the holiday season, people find themselves attending more parties and social gatherings with an abundance of not-so-healthy food and beverages. Couple the increased availability of food with the stress of the holiday season (and the societal acceptance of holiday indulgence), and mindfulness if often thrown out the window!

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Carroll Hospital Health Chat: Holiday Shopping at the Auxiliary Gift Shops

On this week’s Carroll Hospital Health Chat, volunteer Linda Frazee discusses holiday shopping at the Candy Striper Gift Shops run by the Carroll Hospital Auxiliary.



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Medical Misconception: Over-the Counter Medications and Supplements

Each month, we set the facts straight on a health and wellness myth.

This month’s myth: All over-the-counter medications and supplements are safe.

It is a common assumption that over-the-counter medicines and supplements aren’t true medications and, since they can be purchased without a prescription, that they are safe. However, that is a dangerous and incorrect assumption.

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