Creamy Rutabaga Mash

It’s a carb heavy time of year and, for those who are challenged to maintain their blood sugar within healthy limits, this spells trouble. Not to worry, healthy and delicious alternatives for your holiday favorites abound, including mashed potatoes. The rutabaga is a fantastic, low-carb potato substitute. Anything a potato can do, a rutabaga can do better. French fries? Yes. Hash browns? Yes! Home fries? Definitely! And, of course, a delicious and creamy mash. You can even make a mix of potato and rutabaga if you’re feeling unsure about a complete swap. One cup of potato comes with 113 calories, 26g of carbs and 2.7g of fiber, compared to 1 cup of rutabaga, which has 53 calories, 12g of carbs and 3.2g fiber. The roasted garlic and fresh thyme add incredible flavor to the dish. This may be your new holiday favorite!

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