Supporting Your Health & Wellness through Online Programs

As the community continues to social distance, the Tevis Center for Wellness is offering virtual classes and support groups, with new programming being added each month.

“We wanted to meet the needs of the community and provide programs and services that we normally would in a different way,” says Melissa Murdock, coordinator at the Tevis Center for Wellness.

Some of the offerings are virtual versions of the programs that used to take place in person on the hospital campus—such as prepared childbirth classes, cancer support groups and yoga sessions—while others, such as the weekly cooking class Healthy Bites with Bridgette, are new since the start of the pandemic.

June program highlights include gentle, vinyasa flow, and prenatal/postpartum yoga; a variety of childbirth education, nutrition, and diabetes classes; weekly cooking classes; and support groups including breast cancer, cancer, Parkinson’s, perinatal loss and postpartum support.

The hospital’s monthly Health & Wellness calendar is the best way to learn about upcoming programs. Check back frequently, as new programs are being added each month.

Registration is required for virtual programs; please call Care Connect at 410-871-7000 for more information or to register.

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