Let’s Make Carroll County the Picture of Health

Every three years, The Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County—in collaboration with Carroll Hospital and the Carroll County Health Department—conducts a community-driven online survey that captures the insights and needs of Carroll County residents across multiple health areas.

The Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) not only complies with the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, but it also collects meaningful information and establishes trending priorities that need to be addressed within the community.

So why should you take time out of your day to visit
HealthyCarroll.org and complete the CHNA? The online survey, which takes only about 10 minutes to complete, gives you the opportunity to voice your individual health needs and the health needs that you see within your own community or population.

“The CHNA is a critical tool, allowing our county to see where to distribute resources, provide appropriate funding and foster educational development for individuals’ health needs,” says
Dorothy Fox, executive director and CEO of The Partnership. “Some successful outcomes from past assessments include educating Carroll County physicians on the urgency of mental health needs within specific populations, identifying areas where additional staff members were needed to support the nutritional needs of patients battling cancer and the development of an anti-stigma campaign for behavioral health issues.”

In an effort to reach a broader range of individuals, valuable data
is also collected through focus groups and key informant surveys.
These surveys are distributed to civic leaders so that they may  provide their input and help identify what health matters need to
be addressed in the communities they serve.

Once the data is collected and evaluated, community health
leaders like Carroll Hospital use it to determine their strategic priorities and community benefit plans for the next three years
and beyond. “The best way to ignite change in your community is
to visit our website and participate in this survey and, if you want
to take it a step further, join our community health initiatives too,” says Fox. “Any type of support helps.”

Don’t wait! Take the survey by August 31 and have your healthcare needs heard. 

From the spring 2020 issue of A Healthy Dose, Carroll Hospital’s community magazine



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